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Michael Doiron
Mobile: (506) 850-7089
-On the Move®

When Mike Doiron joined the real estate business in 2009, he made a commitment to represent Greater Moncton with the highest caliber of professional service. With countless totally satisfied clientele, and residential properties successfully sold since that time, it is clear he takes his goals seriously.

Since 2009, Mike has been independently involved with the sales of Lots, Mini Homes, Semi's, Cottages, Condominiums, Single Families, Income Properties and Luxury Homes, ranging in price.

Mike Doiron is an award winning Realtor, He has been awarded "The 360 Degree Award of Excellence", "The Positive Spirit Award", and in 2012, Mike Doiron has ranked amongst the top 10 REALTORS at Exit Realty Associates. Proving that with Mike's professional expertise, knowledge, and skilled based understanding of Marketing and Promotion He has what it takes to successfully complete every contract.

Mike Doiron is the REALTOR® for you!

Whether you own a Luxury Home or Vacant Property, Mike will market your property in a thorough, polished and professional manner, focusing all his efforts in obtaining the greatest value for what may be your greatest investment.

"I believe that a good Realtor understands the importance of being available, networking, aggressive marketing and is a polished negotiator. For me success is not merely measured by sales, but by enjoyable relationships built with totally satisfied clientele. That is why a great deal of my business comes from referrals and repeat business. "

If you are thinking about buying or selling Real Estate and would like a private consultation, please feel free to give Mike Doiron a call anytime at (506) 850-7089.

"It would be my pleasure to meet with you!"

"Mike made the daunting task of house hunting from a distance enjoyable. In the one weekend that we were able to come to Moncton from our last residence, he was eager to arrange as many viewings as possible in order to find the right fit for our family. His local insider's knowledge and his insight into what we were looking for in a home made for a wonderful house buying experience. We couldn't be more pleased with his service and our new home!"

Dr. Mike Tapper

"After several unsuccessful months with a Real Estate Agent, I decided to contact Mike. Within one month, Mike had an offer & Sold 1 month after that. Mike kept me informed about his strategies and ideas for selling my home as well as any showings and inquiries.
My father in law had similar Real Estate problems. After contacting Mike, His house SOLD in 8 weeks. I have REFERRED Mike to many other friends and He has SOLD all of their homes quickly.
I would gladly recommend Mike to anyone in need of an excellent Real Estate Agent.
He is very knowledgeable and works very hard to sell EVERY home and communicates continuously with his clients."

Chris Milner

"Hi Mike,

I would like to say thank you for simplifying our life on few different occasions. Making investment decisions in real estate would not have been as easy to do without the help and information you gave to us. Also the the transition we made in moving to the city would have been more difficult as well. It is the special connection you made with us that made the experience. I share with friends all time "Mike Doiron is a real estate agent that you can be real with! There has never been a time we crossed paths that he didn't say hello!" With your kind gestures of leaving thank you gifts; pumpkins, jelly beans etc it has been a great experience working with and getting to know you. Thanks again

Philip and Melanie Smith
And of Course the kids too"

Hi Mike, We would like to thank you so much for all your hard work!!! You are an excellent agent, who goes above and beyond for their clients! The real estate industry needs more agents like you….you care!! Again, Thank you very much!!
- The Cole Family