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Annie Grondin Dubé
Mobile: 506-869-0970
Pour un ACCUEIL chaleureux! For a warm welcome HOME!

Annie est originaire d’Edmundston, NB et demeure dans la région de Moncton depuis 10 ans. Elle a acquis de l’expérience auprès du public en relation d’affaires, en marketing et en administration depuis l’obtention de son diplôme en Administration des affaires - Marketing du CCNB-Dieppe.

Les priorités d’Annie sont l’importance d’un service honnête, courtois et professionnel. Très souriante et organisée, Annie saura vite vous rendre confortable au sujet de l’immobilier et de bien vous en informer.

Elle a choisi le domaine de l’immobilier puisqu’elle a toujours été passionnée des maisons, que ce soit au niveau de l’architecture ou de la décoration.

Durant ses temps libres, Annie aime cuisiner, passer du temps en famille, et promener son chien. Vous pouvez rejoindre Annie au 506-869-0970 ou par courriel à

Prix de mérite pour sa production:

2016: Niveau Émeraude de EXIT Realty Atlantique Canada
2017: Niveau Opal de EXIT Realty Atlantique Canada
2017: Designation Bronze de EXIT Realty Corp. International 
2018: Niveau Diamant de EXIT Realty Atlantique Canada
2018: Designation Argent de EXIT Realty Corp. International
2019: Designation Or de EXIT Realty Corp. International


Born in Edmundston, NB; Annie has been living in the Moncton area for 10 years. She has gained experience in public relationship, marketing and administration after she received her diploma in Business Administration - Marketing from CCNB in Dieppe.

Annie’s priorities are the importance of an honest, courteous and professional service. She is very smiley and organized and she knows how to make you comfortable and well-informed about real estate.

She chose a real estate career because she has always been passionate about houses, whether it is their architecture or decoration.

During her free time, Annie enjoys cooking, spending time with her family and walking her dog. You can contact Annie at 506-869-0970 or by email at

Awards for production level:

2016: Emerald Level from Exit Realty Atlantic Canada
2017: Opal Level from Exit Realty Atlantic Canada
2017: Bronze Designation from Exit Corp. International
2018: Diamond Level from Exit Realty Atlantic Canada
2018: Silver Designation from Exit Corp. International
2019: Gold Designation from Exit Corp. International

Parise my wife and I would like to take the time to tell how much we appreciated Annie Grondin as our realtor. She worked very hard for us and was always there went we needed her. For my wife and I she is the best. Thank you Annie.

Thank you
Alice & Guy

"Eight months ago, our home went up for sale. It's been a heck of a ride with many ups and downs, disagreements, laughs, frustrations, sadness, happiness, sweat, tears, and every other imaginable emotions.
Our realtor Annie was there for us every step of the way, and was so invested in getting the job done. She was such a breath of fresh air to work with, optimistic, encouraging and forever going the extra mile for us even when we would get frustrated at times.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

- R.Chiasson